Our Story

2020 will go down in the books as the year of change and adaptation. Our parent company, Light Tree Ventures, has seen the spread and effects of Covid-19 in various geographic areas. Over the past few months, we have been able to reflect on the vulnerability of our society, company and, most importantly, our people. We felt responsible to contribute to the fight against the virus by implementing our knowledge and smart technology.

At our office in Shenzhen (China), people were among the first to be confronted with the protective measurements against Covid-19. Cities went in total lockdown and temperature checks at building entrances became a new standard. This type of ‘fever detection’, often carried out by security guards, came along with increased risk of infection (for both visitors and guards), long waiting lines and high costs (especially for smaller entrepreneurs).

At our Dutch headquarters, we recognized the demand for extra precautious measurements. The question of “should I go the office today?” has become even more complicated than ever before. Employees often feel guilty for not being able to be physically present at work and decide to head out anyway, while showing clear signs of sickness or fever. The same applies for people visiting supermarkets, gyms and many other crowded places.

Based on the scenario’s described above, we came up with GateDoc: Touchless Temperature Scanning. An additional safety standard for entrepreneurs, facility manger and events. “With GateDoc, we want to create an objective and efficient procedure to increase everyone’s safety and wellbeing”Alain, Dennis and Amit (founders of GateDoc). Through our invention, we hope to have a positive impact in the fight against Covid-19!